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Help One Now

The Help One Now Family Empowerment Program shifts the narrative; it helps keep struggling families together.

To date, they have enrolled over 400 families in their Family Empowerment Program in Ethiopia with an average increased income of approximately 300% — and many of these families now have 2-3 years of self-sufficiency under their belt! Not only does the program help families to thrive, but it ripples outward into the community as families grow their businesses, create even more jobs, and pour into the local economy.

Family empowerment is more than just a process or program, it is family preservation and orphan prevention.


The Green Chair Project

Since 2010 The Green Chair Project has been the sole provider of full home essentials for families and individuals in wake county transitioning out of homelessness, crisis or disaster. Through a dignified, personalized and private shopping experience clients are able to purchase the items they need to turn their house into a home. These are items that you and I use on a daily basis and maybe don’t even consider essential, but The Green Chair Project has put a lot of effort into considering what items are needed for a home to function well. 

When you’re home feels comfortable and is a place that’s safe and decorated the way that you like, it feels like a place of refuge. It is a space that allows you to dream about your future. The Green Chair Project helps break down the barrier, so that everyone has the feeling of home of your Socio-economic status.

Your purchase means that a portion of your proceeds will go back into helping this great organization create a community that is happy and healthy.